Funny Phone Numbers To Call Uk

Funny Phone Numbers To Call Uk. Cursed phone numbers from around the world. This number tops the list of creepy phone numbers you should never call.

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These are the top 10 most affected areas by phone calls ordered by the highest number of phone lookups. Not many services offer international fake phone numbers. Click to copy post link.

Funny Phone Numbers To Give Out

You could literally call freddy krueger, for example, and ask for a bedtime story. If you are looking for something to call yourself, here are funny numbers you can try. Use the form below to send an anonymous phone call using funny voices like donald trump or cookie monster.

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We are easily the cheapest prank calls provider in the uk. Please take a look at who else being called by this number. Phone numbers to call when bored | prank call numbers.

Not Everything Has To Be For A Prank Call.

Hall & oates are a pop duo that has defined the 80’s music scene. To read the story that launched a thousand phone calls, head here. This number tops the list of creepy phone numbers you should never call.

You, The Caller, Control This Prank Via Your Telephone Keypad.

The number is a part of an urban legend, and rumor is that the number is a “red room number” used to track down the physical location of people who make calls or receive calls from this number. It apes the format of the many, many horror hotlines that. For each country, you can choose from several numbers.

Not Many Services Offer International Fake Phone Numbers.

You asked for someone's phone number, and they gave it to you. Cheap prank phone call service. Top 20 really scary phone numbers that you should never call 1.

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